Orfordness Lighthouse

Threatened by coastal erosion, this iconic building is at imminent risk of falling into the sea.

Now in the hands of the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust, we are committed to keeping this much loved monument standing for as long as possible and to preserve its legacy after that.

While possible, we offer guided tours of this amazing place - you can either visit on one of the Open Days (listed below) or arrange a private visit with us for a pre - agreed donation.

2018 Visits: 

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All Visits are on Sundays when Orford Ness is closed to National Trust Visitors

15th April

27th May

17th June

8th July

12th August

26th August

16th September

7th October

You can read more about how our Open Day Visits run on our Visits Page


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Lighthouse News

How is the Lighthouse? March 2018

A question we Trustees of Orfordness Lighthouse are asked so frequently!

The winter of 2017/2018 has been quite fierce with frequent Easterly winds combined with high tides. The very cold weather and strong winds in late February/early March took a fair bite at the defences but they did their job and the structure of the Lighthouse stands strong. Sadly one of the exposed Victorian water tanks has now collapsed and the 1960's bungalow has been further undermined, but our main concern is the building itself and she is just fine and looking forward to welcoming visitors in 2018 shortly after Easter.

The effectiveness of the defences is very clear - the Lighthouse itself now stands on its own little peninsula, with the high water mark of the rest of the beach now behind the Lighthouse. Had we not placed the defences, it is certain that the Lighthouse would have already been undermined.

Orfordness Lighthouse Trust remains committed to keeping the Lighthouse standing where it is for as long as possible, and remaining alive to the constant threat of the sea. When the time comes, barring a very significant change of circumstances, we intend to dismantle the Lighthouse and rebuild a replica elsewhere on the Ness.

If you want to hear more about this plan, we'd recommend coming on one of our Summer Open Days and we'll be glad to tell you more about it.

Lighthouse 3

An application to install defences for the lighthouse was considered and approved by Suffolk Coastal District Council. Public support was vital to convince the council to approve the plan.