Orford Ness


Internationally important nature reserve, with a fascinating 20th-century military history

Take a short boat trip to this wild and remote shingle spit, the largest in Europe.

Follow trails through a stunning landscape and a history that will both delight and intrigue.

Discover an internationally important nature reserve littered with debris and unusual, often forbidding, buildings from a sometimes disturbing past.

Please note: charge for ferry over to the nature reserve (including members)

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email: orfordness@nationaltrust.org.uk

OS Grid Ref: 169:TM425495

Orford Ness News

Podcasts by Bethany Hughes

Listen to historian Bettany Hughes as she explores ten inspiring National Trust sites including Orford Ness. She is guided by our experts and investigates their deep-rooted connections to Europe and the wider world.

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