Chillesford Lodge Estate Indoor Swimming Pool

Located just three miles from the thriving seaside town of Orford, Chillesford Lodge Estate offers a tranquility unparalleled on the Suffolk Heritage Coast. The redevelopment project of an 1876 Victorian Model Farm has created a range of properties available to those who wish to combine the privacy of a rural idyll, and the widespread nature of culture, wining and dining found on the Suffolk Coast.

We are delighted to have re-opened our beautiful indoor swimming pool after this latest lockdown. Swimming privately here is an excellent opportunity to recover some core fitness in a controlled, safe and comfortable environment designed to kill all bugs including COVID-19.  

The pool is 14 by 7 metres with easy staircase access (no ladders), ideal for little ones learning to swim and anyone with mobility issues. The water is heated to 30°C and chlorinated to the minimum recommended by SWIM ENGLAND, with additional UV light treatment as used widely in airports, hospitals and other public spaces to make them safe.

All swimmers should show no symptoms of COVID, and for Health and Safety purposes there must be at least two competent people in the pool room at all times. SLOTS are 30 minutes of exclusive private swimming time with 20 minutes of changing room access afterwards.

Minimum Cost is £15 per 30 minutes and minimum charge per swimmer is £5.

Swimmers agree to abide by all HMGOV RULES on Social Distancing, Wearing of Masks, Bubbles/Households etc. plus any COVID Compliance Guidance as published by Swim England. It is possible to book a regular weekly time slot subject to availability. Regular slots are charged at a flat rate of £15 per 30 minutes and are open to a maximum of household/bubble/8 swimmers.

Perfect for team training/family fun!

For more information and to register your interest visit:

Chillesford Lodge Estate
IP12 2AL