Shopping locally

Suffolk has a long history of growing food and has stuck with its agricultural roots. Wheat, barley, carrots, onions, cabbages, apples, berries and more grow in the free draining soil in the fields surrounding Orford, and pigs and cattle roam freely at local farms. A wide range of locally produced fruit, vegetables, bread, meat and locally caught fish landed directly from the Orford boats is available at the weekly Orford Country Market, Pump Street Bakery, Brinkley’s Fish Shed, Pinney’s Fish Shop and Deli, the Orford Butcher Shop and the Orford General Store.

Artisan producers add to these offerings with locally made foods such as fresh bread and pastries, smoked foods including fish, cheese, game and ham plus locally produced apple juice. The cafés, pubs and restaurants in the village make the best use possible of the abundance of food produced in the area.