Pump Street Bakery


Artisan bread, fresh croissants and pastries are baked daily at the bakery in Gedgrave and sold at the bakery shop in the square. The bakery and café is run by the wonderful Pump Street team and has been running since November 2010.

Come and enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry, a light lunch, or a weekend morning brunch in our relaxed and elegant café. In the summer, take in the fresh Orford air on our terrace. We have taken great care to source the best tea, coffee and ingredients to use in our cafe.

Please visit our website to learn more about our current menu and upcoming events, and to join our mailing list.


Telephone: 01394 459 829
Twitter @pumpstbakery










Across the road from the café, you will find Pump Street Chocolate shop. A place for craft chocolate enthusiasts to delve into the whole Pump Street range, from our award-winning classic bars, bakery series bars, to our adorable mini's and full tinned ingredients range. Plus a cornucopia of cookery books, chocolate-themed magazines and books for all ages, equipment for perfecting your at-home chocolate making, alongside beautiful hand-thrown ceramics from local artisans. The shop celebrates the craft chocolate community by also championing other craft chocolate makers, showcasing a curated selection of bean-to-bar bars.

Please visit their website to learn more about their current menu and upcoming events, opening times and to join our mailing list.


Telephone: 01394 459 829
Instagram @pumpstreetchocolate and @pumpstreetbakery