February 2, 2021

Local artist writes to The Times

To The Editor 

        I must congratulate Libby Purves on her volunteering to help with the vaccination process in East Suffolk. Were I able to do likewise I would have been there too, but my wife and I have been in lockdown in perpetuity since January of 2020, as she is of the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable sisterhood, and I am her carer.

        In fact, I was surprised when, as an octogenarian, I was vaccinated ahead of her by several weeks, but that decision rests with our local Peninsula Practice in Aldeburgh, Alderton and Orford, in whom we both have absolute trust and praise for what they do for us.

        What Libby didn’t mention was the vile harassment, both verbal as well as notes stuffed through letterboxes, that the various Peninsula offices and staff received from some incandescent locals, especially in Aldeburgh, who didn’t like the way the roll out was being processed.

        Luckily, the wonderful Doctor in charge of the Practice stepped in and order was restored. However, the actions of a few have shamed us all.

As someone who lived in the U.S. for decades where you hand your credit card to the ambulance driver lest he leave you lying there as probable roadkill, why is it that locals here complain about free medical help, such as vaccine service, is something I will never understand.

Yours Sincerely 

Jeremy Rugge-Price

Munday’s Lane



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