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I'm here to help you.

I solve problems and help clients with just about anything to do with design or the web.

I am a software, web and graphic designer working with small businesses and individuals. I am ‘their guy’, a go to for anything they need and take care of all the technical hassle associated with running a business in the digital age.

My background is in User Experience Design.  I was the lead designer on many projects for large organisation in the private and public sectors and then decided to head out on my own.  Since then, I’ve found great pleasure in being able to help people and businesses understand design, the web and how both of things can make their lives easier and businesses easier to run.  While technology is meant to help our every day lives, I find that the reality of that is that there are still lots of barriers and friction involved that cause frustration and for people to just give up.  ESPECIALLY when there isn’t the luxury to just build a bespoke solution.  Lots of websites and systems out there come templated and pre-built which is a great starting point but can easily make for a clunky experience.  This is where I come in – whatever the issue is, let’s have a chat and leave it to me.

I am a plant based athlete: I am a fencer.  This is has always been something that I have done and have had the pleasure to compete at World Cups for Great Britain and the Commonwealth Fencing Championships for Scotland (where I won a bronze medal).

Call me on 07833247577

Email me on christopher [at] j4gdesign [dot] co [dot] uk

See more about me and my work at www.j4gdesign.co.uk