Orford “Boffins”

Posted on June 28, 2012

It has been suggested that Orford should erect a memorial to the many “Boffins” who worked on the Ness over many years developing technology to defend the country. The boffins at Bletchley Park were recognised a short while ago for their efforts during the period of World War ll but the 70 year secret history of OrfordNess with its many radical developments probably played a greater part in the safety of this country. The suggeston is for a memorial to be sited on Orford Quay and the New Orford Town Trust voted unanimously in support at a recent meeting.

Would you support such a project?

Town Hall niche

Posted on June 27, 2012

The niche on the front of Orford Town Hall has been unfilled since the building was built in 1902. It may, as suggested by one of our many local architects, have been designed to lighten the large expanse of the ornate gable end with no purpose other than that, a little Edwardian architectural whimsey. But should the community consider using the niche to locate a memorial to something or someone of merit from the area? A number of suggestions have been made but what do you think?