Orfordness Lighthouse demolished

Posted on July 17, 2020

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• Demolition started

• Artefacts saved and history preserved

• Another chapter begins

One of East Anglia’s most iconic landmarks, Orfordness Lighthouse, despite the valiant efforts of a local group of volunteers, is finally having to admit defeat and is in the process of being demolished.

The encroaching North Sea has brought the life of this Grade 2 Listed building to an end after 228 years of safeguarding and providing a navigation mark for mariners. Following a detailed assessment and a review of all the options, it was concluded that for safety reasons alone, there was no acceptable alternative other than demolition.

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Orford Flower Show 2020 cancelled

Posted on June 25, 2020

Flower Show 2020

It will come as little surprise that we shall not be able to put on the Flower Show this year. Even if current rules on numbers of people congregating together were to be relaxed in the coming months, some form of social distancing will remain which would be impossible to achieve in the show. On top of that, the supplier of the marquee is not operating this year.  Regrettably, therefore, we have to cancel the event.

We shall try to recognize in a small way efforts that exhibitors may already have made in preparation for the show, by arranging for photos of some of the plants in the allotments, and craftwork which children at the school may have created, and uploading these to the Flower Show Facebook page.

Rest assured, we plan to be back in 2021.

Mike Redmond

Flower Show Committee