Pump Street opens new chocolate shop in Orford

Posted on September 3, 2019

Pump Street open the doors to an exciting new venture, just across the square from their long standing Bakery, their first-ever Chocolate shop! The dedicated space is a celebration of all things chocolate, a place for craft chocolate enthusiasts to delve into the whole Pump Street range, from their award-winning classic bars, bakery series and coffee series bars, to adorable mini’s and full tinned ingredients range.

Plus a cornucopia of cookery books, chocolate-themed magazines and books for all ages, equipment for perfecting your at-home chocolate making, from a Mexican molnillo, to candy thermometers, alongside beautiful hand-thrown ceramics from local artisans.

The shop celebrates the craft chocolate community by championing other craft chocolate makers, showcasing a curated selection of bean-to-bar bars, including the wonderful Fruition, Omnom, Akesson’s, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Ritual Chocolate, Duffy’s, Tosier and.      Friis-Holm.!

Opening Hours:
Saturday 9 am – 4pm
Sunday 10 am – 4pm
(Closed Weekdays)

Sounds of The Ness on BBC Radio 3 Slow Radio

Posted on June 11, 2019


In Orford Ness: A Post-Apocalyptic Walk – an episode of BBC Radio 3’s Slow Radio series, broadcast in June 2019 – composer Iain Chambers takes a sound recording field trip around Orford Ness.

Ian writes, ‘Today, Orford Ness gives an insight into what a post-apocalyptic built environment might look and sound like. Air ducts once used to ventilate missile laboratories now burst open, exposing the packed nests of roosting birds. This programme takes listeners into buildings that are otherwise out of bounds, revealing the abundant wildlife now ruling the roost in the bomb ballistics buildings – we hear seagulls “playing” the buildings with their cries; bees and skylarks; baby jackdaws duetting with the crunch of gravel footsteps; external metal stairwells transformed into aeolian harps: giant wind chimes peacefully intoning their pentatonic melodies towards the slow-moving vessels on the horizon.’

The programme can be heard at https://bbc.in/2F1mX13 and a podcast version is also available for download.