On 30 December a walk for residents of Orford and Gedgrave is being arranged to visit and tour the inside of the Lighthouse.

Decommissioned at the end of June and acquired by Orfordness Lighthouse Company in September, numerous residents have been wonderfully supportive and expressed a wish to gain access. In recognition of the objective to allow all permanent residents to visit and tour the inside of the lighthouse for free, an accompanied walk to the Lighthouse will take place on Monday 30th December between 10.00 a.m. and 3 p.m.  The rest of the Ness will be out of bounds.

The Lighthouse has been a feature of the Suffolk coastline and the Orford horizon since 1792. It is now very vulnerable and is likely to be taken by the sea in the next few years.

See how close it is to the encroaching sea. Admire the stone staircase spiralling up. Climb to the Sector Light (half way up), then the Bulb Room and finally up to the main Optic, some 90 feet high. From the top take in the stunning panoramic view over the Ness down to Shingle Street, up to Aldeburgh and back to Orford.

Mince pies and (hopefully) a drink will await you. Please bring your own picnic. The walk is roughly 40 minutes each way. There will be a small number of places for non-walkers. The visit is free and is primarily for permanent residents of Orford and Gedgrave.

Numbers are limited, but if this visit is not possible for everyone, there will be further opportunities in the future – while it is still there! Fingers crossed for the weather. If the weather is too ghastly on the day, another date will be fixed.

To book places please contact Diana Paterson asap on 450771 or Email