The village of Orford has something to offer to everyone – walkers, sailors, cyclists, bird lovers, music and art lovers, those interested in history and food, or simply wanting to relax.

The Orford and Gedgrave website is funded and maintained by the Orford Business Association. During the COVID-19 pandemic the members of the association have been careful to understand and follow government guidelines whilst providing vital services and support for the local community and visitors to this popular village. To provide vital supplies the village store has extended its display of goods outside the shop before and during these difficult times with some minor encroachment on the village green which has raised some comments about misuse. The business association believes that the community supports this action as being within the terms of village greens. It is deemed to be a public nuisance and therefore, an offence, to enclose or encroach on a green, or interfere with, disturb or build on a green, unless this is done “with a view to the better enjoyment of such town or village green.”

We are certain that the community agrees that there is little doubt that the use of a very small section of the village green for supporting the community does provide better enjoyment of the village green for the community and visitors.

Comments should be directed to the OBA Email or the Parish Council Email