Orford Crafts


Orford Crafts is very popular with visitors who are attracted by the eclectic range of baskets displayed in front of the shop. Much of the stock in Orford Crafts is locally made or has a local theme, including baskets, pottery, books, jams and preserves.

On the 1st floor, above the gift shop is an intriguing display of local information from Suffolk Underwater Studies. The display is a fascinating exhibition of the development of the Suffolk coast and its shoreline.  the central focus is a detailed study of the underwater site of medieval Dunwich

Owner, Stuart Bacon, is a noted marine archaeologist and has dived in the waters off Dunwich many times, exploring the ruins of the former town of Dunwich.  Information gained from these dives is documented in the exhibition

Local crafts, baskets. Pottery, books, cards.


Stuart Bacon
Telephone: 01394 450678
Orford Crafts
Front Street,
Orford, IP12 2LN