“Here is all I want to be” at Darsham Nurseries 2nd November to 4th January

Posted on October 27, 2017


Darsham Nurseries Café Gallery, Main Road, Darsham, Suffolk, IP17 3PW

2nd November 2017 to 4th January 2018

Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm; closing on Sundays and Bank Holidays at 4.00pm

Shingle Street     © Tessa Sinclair

The East Coast of Suffolk is an ancient and varied landscape, featuring natural heathlands, rural farmland and rugged beaches.  Away from the better known seaside towns with their social holiday ambiance, there is a sense of time suspended. A gentle evolution is taking place with its own pace and rhythm.  Photographer Tessa Sinclair has captured the essence of the area in a series of arresting images, entitled ‘Here is all I want to be’ which will be exhibited at Darsham Nurseries from 2nd November to 4th January.  The photographs are published in a limited edition book also entitled ‘Here is all I want to be’.

The Wave    © Tessa Sinclair

Commenting on the book Tessa Sinclair said: “‘Here is all I want to be’ is about being in ‘the present’, in nature. It is a journey of images taken on the East Coast of Suffolk, a place that has many layers of history and an ever-changing palette of light. The images portray both the tranquillity that we all seek from nature and the more unsettling and foreboding places, which are found here. They are immersive in quality and the huge distance from the grass or shingle at your feet to the horizon is mesmerizing.”

Winter Dunes      © Tessa Sinclair

‘Here is all I want to be’ in book form is a limited edition and costs £30.  The larger format individual photographs are also available to buy framed or unframed.



Tessa Sinclair is a photographer who grew up in Suffolk but studied photography in London where she is also a doctor. (After embarking on an MA in photography at Westminster University in 2010 she was drawn into making photobooks. This led her into working in collaboration with writers, editors, curators and photographers who have an interest in ‘the image’ as part of a sequence.) Her interest in the landscape and how we as humans respond to places stems from her exposure to peoples’ histories in the surgery and to her own experience. She is now publishing handmade books of high quality images, which people can enjoy in their own time, in their own space. She continues to work in both fields and finds they enrich each other.


Darsham Nurseries is a unique destination – first and foremost a plant nursery, from which parallel endeavours have grown, including its much lauded café, gallery and shop which all share a common approach to quality and a simple aesthetic.  It is the vision of David Keleel and a team of collaborators.

The nursery attracts many loyal customers. The café has become quite the meeting place for people from all walks of life who savour the uniquely-prepared home-grown food with Pump Street Bakery Bread (and the wine list). Others come for plants and horticultural advice or to find unique gifts, art and housewares that may not be available elsewhere.