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The Orfordness Lighthouse Company was formed to preserve so far as possible the Orfordness Lighthouse  and to ensure that local voices are heard in how it will be looked after in the future.

Speaking on behalf of Orfordness Lighthouse Company, Nicholas Gold, its founder, said, "The long association between Trinity House, the lighthouse and Orford is widely recognised. The recent Seafarers’ Day of celebration is witness to that. It became clear that setting up a new company to own the site would be the best solution. This should enable not only the preservation so far as possible of this historical landmark but also, importantly, will ensure that local voices are heard in how it will be looked after going forward.  We intend to hold a full discussion on how this Grade 2 listed monument can best be preserved until such time as it may fall victim to the sea and waves.

The intention is to establish an advisory group to take things forward in conjunction with the National Trust, the Parish Council, Suffolk Coastal, the New Orford Town Trust, the Alde and Ore Association, the Orford Museum and other interested parties.”

The company invites comments and suggestions about how the building should and could be used until such time as the sea may decide to destroy it. These can be fed through members of the advisory group or directly to the company by email mail

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Detail of Lighthouse stabilisation plan

This application is being considered by Suffolk Coastal District Council. Public support could be vital to convince the council to approve the plan.

Website for registering support


The National Trust has put out the following statement on Monday 3rd February 2014:

The National Trust is concerned at the impact of the recent rate of coastal erosion in front of the Orford Ness lighthouse. Four metres have been lost in the last month alone. The lighthouse is now 11 metres from the sea. If a further three metres are lost, it will be very difficult to remove and safeguard the features that are part of its historic significance.

The owner of the lighthouse, Orford Lighthouse Company Limited, has submitted a planning application for what we now understand to be temporary defences to be placed at the base of the eroding cliff feature in front of the lighthouse in order to reduce the impact of coastal erosion on the small remaining piece of stable ground above the beach. The aim is to allow time to plan and remove the principal features and fittings from this historically important listed building.

The National Trust acknowledges the substantial personal efforts being made by all those involved in trying to find solutions to protect the lighthouse’s historic features. We are keen to work with them in any way we can in their efforts to do this. Some contents can be removed straight away, as permissions were formerly sought for this by Trinity House and still stand.

We’ll be responding to the planning application for the temporary stabilisation measures in the usual way but we see no reason to oppose the application, especially as we understand the defences will be removed if there is anything more than an immaterial impact on the rest of the Ness shoreline.

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