The Alde and Ore Estuary Partnership

Alde and Ore 2What is the Estuary Partnership? 

The Alde and Ore Estuary Partnership, was created in May 2012 as a new model to enable local communities to take over the management of their flood defences (see The Secretary of State for the Environment, Richard Benyon, on

For all of us who visit, live and work in this very special area, the river defences play a defining role on our estuary and local economy. It is not just those who live in the flood plain who would be affected but our whole way of life, businesses, property and tourism would all be at risk should the walls breach as they did in 1953.

What does the partnership hope to achieve and how will I benefit?

Some £7-10Million will be required to upgrade our defences to withstand surge tides. We hope everyone feels part of our endeavour to maintain the defences, as without convincing local commitment we may fail to meet our aims.

Who is involved?

The Partnership was set up to cover all interests in the estuary: parish councillors, farmers and landowners, ecological interests, householders and the Alde and Ore Association represent a wide variety of the community. The Environment Agency, Suffolk County and District Council, Natural England and the ANOB unit all advise the partnership.

What has been done so far?

Under the Chairmanship of Sir Edward Greenwell Bt, in its first year the Partnership has agreed a strategy for the estuary, prioritised the flood cells for upgrading works and commissioned the start of engineering design work for each flood cell. Funding for Saltmarsh regeneration trials has been obtained and work commenced in August 2013.

How can I get involved?

Please contact The Partnership Secretary Amanda Bettinson on if you would like to offer help with fundraising ideas, IT and design support for website and newsletters or practical help monitoring the trials and defences by walking the river walls.

Photo by Tony Pick

Alde and Ore News

One year on from the December 2013 tidal surge the community partnership review what it has achieved.

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