Suffolk Marathon Dog Walk

Orford Poster Dog Marathon

Posted on April 26, 2016


My Suffolk Marathon Dog Walk

Fundraiser: Jade Norman

My page:

Hi, my name is Jade and I’m 17 years old.

I enjoy life to the full considering I am autistic and have significant learning difficulties.  That is thanks to my family and friends who support me.

I adore all animals and am currently on an Animal Care Course that will lead to Animal Management. We have four labradors at home and we adore them. Two of them we have taken in from other people who couldn’t have them anymore.

At weekends, I help my Mum to transport labradors into rescue and know the hard work that they do with little money, so this year I want to raise funds and help Team Edward.

Team Edward’s aim is simple, to help Labradors!  Money raised goes towards kennel costs, vets fees, medication and rehoming costs.  They also help other dog rescues of other breeds who need help.  Team Edward are unpaid volunteers.

I plan to walk from nearby my home to Orford Quay, via public footpaths with our dogs (one by one) which is just over 26 miles, over two days, 3rd and 4th June 2016.

Please follow my challenge on my Facebook page – My Suffolk Marathon Dog Walk or

I really appreciate all of your support and thank you for any donations.

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